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In Remembrance

On this day seven years ago, our country experienced one of the world's greatest tragedies. Lives were lost of countless civilians and heroes alike. There are many people out there that speculate that 9-11 was one huge conspiracy orchestrated by our government (there are lots of different film theories floating around the web that highlight questionable events of that day.) I don't know if I can allow myself to believe that cause if I do then I will also have to give into the whole possible theory that the government has a cure for cancer - but since it is a billion dollar industry they have not released it. What I do know is that since that day we have lost countless more lives in a war that has produced very little - and courtesy of this Bush Administration era, we as a country are on the sinking verge of another mass recession. Gee thanks Mr. Bush, I know that I for one think that you did one awesome job of putting this great country into the crapper - but hey at least you'll be remembered for something.

Here are some amazing pictures I came across last night and one that a friend gave me. Enjoy.

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