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I'm tired of waiting to see doctors and get results!

It's been weeks since my plastic surgeon broke the news to me about the re-occurrence of breast cancer. Since then I have been stuck with dozens of needles, injected numerous times with nuclear medicine, spent hours waiting and fasting, had several tests and scans done, and practically jumped through hoops just to get my tests results. None of it's been easy - it's caused many headaches and lots of stress! Many of the oncologists I've contacted won't agree to schedule an appointment till they review all of my medical records. As if I have all the time in the world!?! Doctors can be so insensitive some times. Does it ever cross their minds that maybe, just maybe, the patient is so worried and stressed that they need to get in with a doctor ASAP for their own peace of mind? I'm tired of waiting and want to start chemo NOW! But before I can even do that I will need to get another Port-a-Cath put in my chest. So it looks like I'll be doing even more waiting before treatment can begin! As it is, it could be anywhere from the 31st of this month till the end of next month before I even get in to see an oncologist. Then there will be more tests to do (Abdominal CT, MRI, Muga Scan and Dexa Scan just to name a few) - and I will have to find a general surgeon to place the Port, so I doubt seriously if I will be able to start chemo before May. So even MORE waiting!! Argggh!! I'm so stressed and I feel so sorry for my family for having to put up with me. Lately I have been drinking some Margarita Daiquiri's from Fat Tuesday. I figure a (mildly) mixed drink a couple times a week won't hurt me - besides it helps to relax me a bit, but still I am so stressed - and not just about this, it's everything - bills, money, family, cleaning, school - all this little stuff is getting on my nerves and I can't hardly relax. But the good news is that Ruben has to go to Lake Charles for business - about 3 hours away, so the rest of the family is going to tag along since Natalie is out on Spring Break. It will be a nice little "mini vacation" to get away from home, forget about my problems, do a little shopping (I found a scrapbook store there - YAY!!!!), and when he's not busy with his business meetings we plan on driving over the border to Texas in hopes of finding some really good tacos and carne asada like we had in Ensenada. Maybe if we have time we might drive the 3 hours from Lake Charles to Galveston. I remember going to Galveston as a child and feeding the seagulls. I don't recall what else was around there, I just remember it was beautiful there and I hope that it still is since we will be driving another 3 hours the opposite way from home. I look forward to exploring new places, taking lots of pictures, and hitting up some of my favorite stores to pamper myself - oh and let's not forget some (hopefully) awesome Tex-Mex food! I crave some homemade fresh guacamole like the kind found at Pink Taco. Mmm, I can't wait! I think this would be just what a doctor would order! A few days to get away, relax, eat good, and shop! Hopefully when I return I will be feeling better and not so worried about all this medical stuff. Despite all the stress and stuff, I am still quite hopeful - hopeful that everything will work out for the best, and things will get straightened out soon!

Oh, almost forgot. I took a load of pictures this weekend and they're all on Flickr....enjoy!

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