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The Nightmare Continues.....

I went today to meet with my plastic surgeon, 1 week post-op to have my drains and staples removed. While there we were hit with some unfortunate, bad news. While performing surgery on me last week he found what looked like scar tissue in the muscle of my right breast. He removed it to be on the safe side and sent it to pathology to find out if there was anything there to be concerned with. Pathology came back that the tumor was positive for cancer. The margins were not clear, meaning I may still have some cancer cells left. Other than that I don't really know anything else. Right now the doctor that performed my mastectomy back in July is setting up multiple tests - CAT scan, MRI, Chest scan, Bone scan, and tons of blood work. He is also referring me to an Oncologist that he swears by. He is calling this a local re occurrence, as we do not know yet if it is metastatic, or spread to any other organs/parts. He talked about possible radiation, but I told him I would prefer to do chemo again so I know it is gone. He also said something about changing or adding to my meds. Of course all of this relies on how all my tests come back, which they are setting up now. So really right now I don't know anything more than that I had a tumor test positive for cancer. So I guess I shouldn't have changed the title of my blog.

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LoraLoo said...

I am so sorry, Angi. This is terrible news... but I'm saying a prayer for you and sending all kinds of positive thoughts.