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Sorry for the delay.....

There just isn't enough time in the day!

I'm not sure where exactly to start, so I guess let's go back to the headache that was Wednesday, which is the day I had my bone scan schedule for.
I get to the hospital after fasting for 12 hours. I have my blood drawn - which I later found out that the idiot doctor didn't order any cancer markers, just a CBC, so I ended up having to have more blood taken Monday.
I'm not sure why the lady from the doctor's office scheduled my tests for different days, but the radiology department managed to change things so that I could do my bone scan and chest ct scan both on the same day since I had a 3 hour wait time between the injection and actual bone scan - but at least I was allowed to eat during that time!
Afterwards, I ran upstairs to the doctor's office, got copies of my records and an order for the correct blood test.

Fast forward to Friday. I spent the whole day running errands - picking up my meds, and my test results.
To summarize my chest ct scan:
The left lobe of the Thyroid is larger than the right. A single subcentimeter low attenuation focus in the right lobe of the liver beneath the dome of the diaphragm, too small for characterization by this examination. Consider dedicated abdominal CT including liver protocol and/or ultrasound for further assessment. Splenule is noted incidentally in the left upper quadrant.
When looking online to find out what a "Splenule" is, I found that it is an additional Spleen.
The report also says no metastatic disease identified. As part of my blood test I had done today, a liver panel and a Thyroid test was part of it. Now I just have to have a abdominal ct scan done when I get in with my new doctor.

My bone scan results are:
Healing rib fracture on left side (think it may have accidentally been broken during reconstruction.) Osseous metastatic disease and degenerative changes should both be considered. Correlation with plain films or MRI examination of the lumbar spine is recommended for further evaluation.
Now I'm not going to jump the gun and freak out that I have metastatic bone cancer, cause quite honestly I think given my family history of osteoporosis and arthritis - and the fact that my cancer meds deplete the calcium from my bones, I am leaning to believe that it is degenerative problems, but again, I will have to wait till I get in with my new doctor and have more tests done.

As for the PET CT scan done today, well I just have to wait till the end of the week to get those results along with my blood results.

Wish me luck! I'll elaborate more about the weekend and the actual PET test later. Right now it's well past my bed time!

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