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Cancer Shock

Did you hear the news about Patrick Swayze having pancreatic cancer, and possibly only having weeks to live? I hope to god it's not true! Could you imagine if he died? The mourning I think would supersede that of Health Ledger, in my opinion. Swayze is a classic, and has many followers just from Dirty Dancing alone. And this news came just after the death of Jeff Healey, the blind guitarist who was in Roadhouse with Swayze - who died from cancer. What is this world coming to? It is said that only 5% of those who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive. Those are terrible odds! It makes my news of cancer sit a little easier - knowing my chances of survival are good. But I wonder, is anyone else as tired as I am constantly hearing about cancer? I think it's about time a cure was found! What the fuck is taking so long?

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