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Dental Fix

Gotta run to the Dentist to get this tooth fixed that I chipped on vacation - NOT fun! I'm so not happy about the problems these medicines are causing my teeth and the fact that the dental plan only covers routine items. They cover medically necessary wigs up to $1000, but they won't cover medically necessary dental work as the result of medications, diseases and such!

What a headache - cause I'll tell ya, I'd rather be bald (from chemo) than have no teeth (from chemo and all these other breast cancer meds!) I say gimme the $1000 for the wig and let me spend it on dental work instead!

I've already seen 3 dentist in the NOLA area that all said with my meds and disease, they won't touch my teeth cause their isn't anything they can do for them other than send me to an oral surgeon to have them pulled, who is who I had to see back in November to have a tooth pulled that probably could have been saved - all because no one wants to even TRY to work on my teeth!

So we'll what happens today. I've got this chip and several other problems I need fixed and pulling them is not the solution!

Once I get back I will fill you in about our trip and post all our pictures!

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