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Going Stir Crazy

Here I am on my fabulous mini-vacation, sitting all bored and lazy in the hotel room! Ruben is off giving evauls (I do believe that is what he said!) I was sound asleep when he left this morning and barely woke in time to grab some of the free continental breakfast in the lobby. Natalie is content playing with her DS, thankfully! But even being cooped up in the hotel sure beats the 2+ hours we spent in the car yesterday waiting for him in Baton Rouge. I'm not exactly sure what he had to do there - I don't really ask much anymore, and he doesn't really tell. LOL! But what he thought was going to be a 1 hour meeting took much longer as they ran into some kind of major problems. Oh well, I'm just glad to be along for the ride! During my wait yesterday I FINALLY got that call from Ochsner Oncology Department that I have been waiting for. We scheduled an appointment for the 1st, which unfortunately Ruben will be in Shreveport that day doing evauls - but I'm a big girl and can handle it on my own. So I'm feeling a little better now - and I think that once I can make my way over to the mall when he's off work today or when we drive to Texas tomorrow when things are finished up here and we find some good Tex-Mex food and spend Saturday in Galveston, I think I will be feeling a whole lot better. I know Ruben is still really worried because he wants results, but I am more at ease because I'm getting in with the specialist I wanted and the place that has a Breast Cancer Center. So that call and a lil shopping really relieved some stress for me. Or maybe it's the change of scenery. The drive here was beautiful - and even with it being an uncomfortable ride in the car, it was nice to just get away. Now if only I could find one of those drive-thru Daiquiri places like back home, so I could get a Margarita and a place to buy Nat a swim suit (cause I forgot to bring hers!) we could go relax out by the pool and REALLY enjoy ourselves while we wait for Ruben!

Hmm, guess since it's lunch time we're either going to have walk a few blocks up to Sonic or order some Pizza to be delivered. I think tomorrow I'm going to keep the car, as Ruben said he could have one of the guys pick him up - but I guess it depends on what he's doing.

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