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August 8, 2005 – A day on the phone.

A reminder went off today to call the school to get info on Natalie’s kindergarten class. School starts in a couple weeks, but I have no idea if she was in AM or PM class, what time class starts or gets out, or anything really. So I called to get some info today and didn’t get to find much out except that they are sending the info out in a few days, and that she was in the AM class, but I had her switched to the PM class to make it easier on me. Guess I have to wait on the mail to find out the rest.
I checked to see if the lump was still there, and unfortunately after much searching I did find it. It wasn’t easy, but it is there. I said if it was there I would call my OB/GYN for an appointment today so I did, Dr. Cain is out from back surgery, so I’ll see Dr. Fox tomorrow.

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