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August 2, 2005 – In the immortal words of Arnold, I am happy to say……. “It is not a tumor.”

Ruben and I spent another sleepless night tossing and turning. We waited all morning and still no news from my oncologist regarding my MRI results. As we were getting ready to go over to my mom’s house to help her set up her new notebook computer, I called the office to see if they had received the results yet. Surprisingly, they had, but they were waiting for the doctor to review them and sign off on them; then once that was done someone would call me back. So we patiently waited some more, wondering what news was heading our way. In the meantime we had started the drive across town to moms when we got the call from the nurse, Shannon. She said the doctor reviewed my results, and my MRI was negative. I did not have a tumor in my head. In fact, my results were excellent. She had said that more than likely what I had been feeling was a combination of too much stress, and anxiety mixed with side effects of my medication, and if it continued to be bothersome I should try new anti-anxiety medications or try taking my Femara at night instead and see if that helps any. Just hearing this news alone was a BIG stress and anxiety reliever! To celebrate the good news Ruben & I went to Best Buy and each bought Palm Pilot Zire 72 Special Edition. Ruben needed to upgrade his Palm for work, and I needed a digital brain to track all my contacts, expenses, medications, surgical procedures, appointments, car maintenance, and so much more on. The possibilities are endless, I can play games or listen to music while I wait, record voice memos, take pictures. It’s like a little computer for my purse. I so love it!
The title for today comes courtesy of my step-brother Tom. He is overseas in Italy in the USAF, getting ready to transfer to England with his wife Amanda. When I told him the news of my MRI results, those where his exacts words of his response.

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