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August 25, 2005 – Back to School open house.

Today we went to an open house at Natalie’s school. It was supposed to be an opportunity to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and get answers to our questions, but the teacher was so busy we barely go to say hi and receive our packet of information. I was somewhat disappointed in that, as I wanted to talk with the teacher regarding my condition, and let her know that Natalie will be missing some class as a result of it – but I guess that conversation will have to wait until another time. We did however get to see her classroom, which was very nice, and we also got to see the playground. Natalie played for a little while with some other kids, although we didn’t really meet any that were in her class. While she played, I talked with another mom, who I would like to get to know better. She was very friendly, a SAHM like myself, and from what I gathered, a scrapbooker as well. It’s just too bad that her son is in the other teacher’s p.m. class, instead of being in the same class as Natalie – but at least with them both being in the p.m. class, I will see her again and maybe make a new friend who can come scrapbook in the afternoons with me.
I still can’t get over the fact that in just 4 days my baby will be going to school, but at least watching her play with others helped assure us that she will be just fine, even if I won’t be!

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