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Last week as I was laying down to sleep the iPod shuffled this song that sounded so familiar, yet I just couldn't place it. So I had to have Ruben take a listen just so I could find out who it was. He was shocked that I had never heard the song before, or that I couldn't place the singer. The song was "Next Contestant"by Nickelback, from the album All the Right Reasons that was released in 2005. We have just about everything from Nickelback - I'm a huge fan and I thought that I had heard it all. That Chad Kroeger is an amazing artist - just about every song of theirs is a hit! It makes me wish Ruben was the concert goer type, cause I would have loved to see them perform with Seether and Saving Abel - but he's not really into the whole crowded arena thing, though it's not much different than going to a Saints game. Ah well, maybe next time I'll just go alone.

This past week or so we've been experiencing a lot of severe weather, though we aren't quite flooding like Fargo. We've had many tornado watches and flood warnings - lots of rain, thunderstorms, and lighting; problems with the drainage and pumps. Luckily we have not flooded other than the pool we accumulate in the backyard - but still that water is a good 10 feet away from the house. All the tornado watches worry me cause Ruben has been traveling both last week and this week, and when I sleep, I sleep like a log. In the past the tornado siren did not wake me. So it scares me knowing that I have to hear it and wake Natalie up should it go off. We also purchased a severe weather radio that is supposed to let us know what's on radar, but we won't know how well it works till it actually goes off. This weather is both good and bad - the grass is growing like crazy, but I think it's been a bit too much water for some of the plants. We may have to replace a few. I confess, I do not have a green thumb even though my mother grew up on my grandfather's farm. I guess not all things are genetic.

This weekend we went to one of the neighborhood kid's birthday party. Natalie had lots of fun playing with all the kids. It was a nice site to see them all getting a long. Even Ruben joined in the fun. He's just one big kid, and at the end of the day he was wiped out. I even managed to have a drama free afternoon around some of the neighbors I have problems with, but it was mostly due to avoidance. I felt a bit miserable at first, but then I decided to say screw it. The haters can go to hell for all I care. After I loosened up, I ended up spending the evening unwinding by the fire with my friend. It's so great to have a real friend that I can confide in and trust after all the crap that has gone on around here. She's the first friend that I have had in years and I'd do just about anything for her. Hanging around her is pretty effortless, everything just comes naturally. Even our husbands are alike. We all get along so well, we ended up spending part of Sunday with them as well. We were invited over for dinner, which was so freaken yummy. I've finally found someone else's enchiladas that I like as much as my mother-in-laws. They are different, but every bit as good. Perhaps one day I'll learn how to make them. I cannot cook Mexican food - and I dare not try as I would probably insult my husband. When we have rice or beans he makes it, cause I don't know how. I can grill some Carne Asada, cause I do know how to season it, but that's about it. My steak fajitas comes straight out of the frozen food section. I can however make a mean meatloaf, spaghetti, pork & beef roast, along with some soups and chilis.....ya know, your regular "American" food, except I am a really good cook when I actually cook. I can't stand slaving over the stove and doing dishes 7 days a week!

These last few weeks have really flown by. In less than a week I will be having my surgery. As each day passes, I grow more excited. Sometimes I think knowing that the end is near has helped lift some of my depression. We have a busy weekend planned leading up to my surgery on Monday. First off I have some doctor appointments this week, and I need to remember to get with the hospital for the pre-op stuff - they have yet to call, so I need to make arrangements. Don't want any problems come Monday! Saturday we're heading up to the Baton Rouge area for a company picnic. I need to hit up a grocery store, cause I'm down for bringing sweets. I think I'm going to make this chocolate sheet cake that's a family recipe. It's been forever since I made it - which means I will have to put some hours in the kitchen Friday after my eye doctor appointment. I'm also hoping to get in a movie this weekend. I'm really stoked about Fast & Furious opening, but I know I will be laid up resting for the next few weeks following my surgery. I should have planned out some meals for the next week, but we're just going to have to wing it. Hopefully Danny and Ruben can handle the cooking for a bit. We still have taxes to be tended to before my surgery....which I should be working on now. I'm thinking about going back to doing our own taxes again now that we don't have the complication of moving expenses. I'm going to run the numbers and see, cause if I can do it myself I'd rather save the $300 instead of paying Jackson Hewitt. Cross your fingers for a big return!
I'll try to post some pix from the party just as soon as I can!


jiggins said...

That was quite an update! I don't know much about Nickelback, but i was just near the South of the U.S. and experienced some of that weather you talked about.

The Surgery that you have been waiting for is upon us.. looking forward to a different outlook once again huh? Rooting for you and your speedy recovery!

Heather said...

The weather has been horrible! I know what you mean. I can't wait for it to clear up. My backyard is a swamp. Literally.

I'm very excited for you about your surgery. It looks like mine will be at the end of May so long as my insurance doesn't decide to be stupid.

I cook everything in my crock pot that I can. It makes things so tender that everyone thinks I'm an amazing cook. Shhhh! LOL