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Spring Forward

Here it is Daylight Savings Time again - thank goodness! The lab work my doctor ordered last week, the 10 vials of blood they took and did practically every test under the sun on came back with an extreme Vitamin D deficiency, I now need to take medicine for 3 months to help get me back in range. Now that the days are longer maybe I'll be able to get a bit more sun and in return Vitamin D. I know I should be taking some kind of daily multi-vitamin supplement, but I already take so much medicine that I just really can't stand to take anything else in a pill form - and with having Rosacea I don't spend much time in the sun or heat because it triggers the symptoms. I'm hoping that this medicine will help me get the deficiency in check before my surgery on April 6th as I really, really don't want to have to post-pone it. A 4 year wait is long enough. I can't believe the time has finally come to take the next step for reconstruction surgery - which means now that I have completed all my saline fills my schedule in the coming weeks will be open. Yay, cause this past week of running around was especially exhausting! I had more doctors appointments than what I care to have. I put about 175 miles on my car just from going back and forth to my appointments last week. I was driving around so much I swear I started getting road rage - but that's to be expected since they have the main bridge into town closed to one lane. It totally sucks, but more so for Ruben cause he has to battle rush hour traffic day in and day out.
This next week shall be fun. So far the the clocks on our cable boxes have yet to change. I'm just hoping I can get up tomorrow as I have not been able to sleep comfortably in the last few days. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, Tuesday I have my follow up with my eye doctor. I am sooooo hoping that I can go back to contacts soon. I swear my glasses are giving me a headache! This week I need to pack up my laptop and send it off to HP. I'm going to be so lost without it - we have an old one to use in the meantime till both our laptops come back, but it is so ancient it needs a wireless card and it doesn't have a spare USB port to charge my iPhone. It so sucks, but it reminds me of the days when things were so much simpler - our first laptop, when our worlds didn't revolve around computers. Now everything is computer related - paying the bills, banking, blogging, all my pictures and music. Seriously, how in the world did we ever live without such great technology?

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Heather said...

I have no idea how we lived with all of our awesome gadgets. Just the idea of my computer being out of commission freaks me out!

I really hope that your surgery goes well and I'm praying for you!