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...and a new addiction was born...

A few weeks ago Ruben brought home something that brought back many fine memories of 1992, which coincidentally was the same year that I graduated from high school, lived in Hawaii, and worked on a submarine - the year I was re-introduced to gaming. Up till this point I hadn't really played much of anything since I was a teenager playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES back in the mid 80's. I'm the first to admit that I am the furthest thing from a "gamer". On occasion I might play some Wii family games or use the Wii Fit, or even go as far as totally sucking on Guitar Hero. But I rarely ever play other games cause I seriously lack gamer's thumbs. But this new Street Fighter has totally made an addict out of me. I've played so much in the last few weeks that I developed a major callous on my thumb, which is now an area consisting of hard, dry skin. There's no doubt that a few rounds will have my thumb throbbing in pain - but does that stop me? No. I don't know if perhaps we've just found a game that I really do enjoy cause it's not overly complicated (like Resident Evil 5!) or if this all began out of boredom cause my laptop was in the shop for repairs. All I know is that I have been playing it non-stop like some kind of junkie, and I think I dreamt about it last night. LOL. Even right now as I sit here and type this I am just itching to go downstairs and start playing, but I have so much more to do now that my computer is back. I really must get this document put together of all my medical expenses and mileage so we can have our taxes done - like before the deadline, or better yet - before my surgery! LOL.
Oh and I just wanted to throw out there just how much I think the PS3 SUCKS! Every freaken time we put a game into it it takes AT LEAST an hour to install it, which is the main reason we buy most games for the XBOX or Wii. It's total bullshit and takes all the fun out of wanting to play something. I'm officially boycotting the PS3. It's nothing but a $400 piece of shit!

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Heather said...

I loved the old school games too. My favorite games now are the karaoke ones. Thank goodness my four year old does too so I have someone to play with. LOL