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Sometimes you just have to do what's right.

Today we were given an opportunity that we've waited nearly 3 years
for, and sadly we had to decline. We've been on the waiting list for
Saints season tickets since we moved here. Today a slot opened up,
giving us a chance to root ourself in the organization - but we had to
ask ourselves do we spend nearly 5k for football tickets in this
economy when we have a million home remodeling projects to be done?
It was hard reasoning such careless spending, so we stuck with doing
the right thing. It sucks ass, but at least we have a great 61" HD
flatscreen that we can watch the game on instead. Besides at home we
can pause for bathroom breaks :)
Hopefully we'll get another chance once this recession is over.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Heather said...

We had been on the waiting list too and got the call. We didn't take them up on it either for the same reasons. Being responsible stinks!