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Banned to glasses

My eye doc cancelled my appt for tomorrow and rescheduled for next
week. The antibiotics and steroids are working but I still can't see
as crisp as I should in my left eye. I really hate wearing my glasses
as my eyes are just too sensitive for the sun.
I think my dermatologist should be happy today to see how much my face
has cleared up. Still some faint red marks/scars from the rosacea but
overall a major improvement. Yay!
Tomorrow I see my plastic surgeon and get what should be my last fill.
Double yay! Hopefully we'll schedule surgery in a couple weeks. I
can't wait! My current tissue expanders are cock-eyed. One is up high
and centered. The other low and towards the underarm. I feel like I
look freakish. Then again I haven't really had boobs in 4 years. Now
if I could just lose my belly but I don't think it's going anywhere so
I'm going to a seminar next week to learn about the different
bariatric procedures. I'm thinking that since I can't get my tummy
tuck with the breast reconstruction - cause we're using implants
instead of a flap procedure; that I'll get a lap band instead so I can
lose weight. With menopause and all my meds trying to lose weight is
an uphill battle. I'm tired of being fat and disappointed that I
gained most of the 90 lbs I lost in 2004 back. So I think I'm going to
do this even though I've been so against it since my mom died of liver
complications as a result of some gastric procedure she had done in
1980. It doesn't hurt to get info though, right? Wish me luck!

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Heather said...

My mom had gastric bypass and is doing really well. She's lost over 70 lbs since November. I'm hoping once I have the other surgery I told you about, I'll be able to exercise more. I'm sorry about you having to wear glasses, but on the plus side you do look good in them!