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Who knew

When's the last time you browsed the card section of Walgreen's? I'm
looking for a card and I come upon a section of cancer/recovery cards.
Wow, what's next divorce cards?


Haralee said...

Yes there are Divorce cards. I was not aware of the cancer cards, and really a get well would do, or even a thinking of you!

jiggins said...

Cancer is a big thing for us as a species. It is unfortunate that we have become accustomed to the idea and the word, but that is the life we have for now.

It always seems more easy to accept something, if we actually do accept it, the cards are a bridge to that I suppose.

Now that you mention it, it almost seems strange that we don't cards for divorcees.. strange funny-like, and funny "ha-ha".. maybe?


Nik said...

There are cards for everything, seriously. I have actually seen divorce cards. It's odd to me that this stuff exists, but people buy it, so I guess there's a market for damn near anything. lol