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Pictures from the Picnic

Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday's picnic at City Park in Baton Rouge. The park there was beautiful, the weather gorgeous, and the food was awesome!

Up until yesterday I had never really cared much for Crawfish, but the ones we had were huge and very tasty. I came home exhausted and slightly red from enjoying too much sunshine. The weather started out a bit breezy - it was 78 and perfect. Not too hot and not too humid. All in all a perfect day!

Now I'm trying desperately to fold laundry and somewhat organize this chaos before I shower and turn in early. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30. Can't wait! Enjoy the pix, will check in when I'm feeling lucid.

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Heather said...

Really great photos of Natalie! I love the one of her in the tube! She is adorable! I will be praying for you!