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Doctor Dilemma

Today was a major clusterfuck. It looks as though my Friday surgery may be off. I don't want to get into too much of it now - especially since I am still waiting to hear back from the doctor(s). Let me just say this whole thing has me very upset, stressed, and pissed. Aside from buying a plane ticket for my brother in law to come out, Ruben has re-arranged his schedule all for a surgery that technically should have happened weeks ago - so we've all made sacrifices and now this doctor may cancel. It's bad enough he DIDN'T fully explained the details, but now he is just flat out lying. I've had a bad feeling about all this from the start, and I tried telling myself it was the wait, but now I'm thinking that I shoulda just followed my gut feeling to a new doctor. This damn asshole and his God complex - telling me things were my choice when all along he planned on doing what he wanted to do and making things out as though my other doctor is a liar, when the surgeon is actually the one lying. Now not only does it appear my surgery may be off, but more than likely I will have to find a new surgeon and waste more precious time. Ugh, it makes me so freakin' angry!
More to follow soon - all the details of what went wrong, as well as who this surgeon is, so he can't burn others here in New Orleans, like he did me.

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