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Have I told you HOW much I HATE (some) women?

No it's not a neighbor thing - or even with friends I have IRL. It's not an inner circle thing. It's just how you come across certain types of women who back stab, talk behind your back, turn tables around on you, are insensitive, dangerously sarcastic, moody, and just plain catty!

I've worked with plenty of women and it seems there is one of *those* in every group. Makes you wonder how the hell the husband puts up with it? Or maybe they act this way because they can't at home, or don't get enough sex, or just have marital issues and life problems - so they unload all their crap on you. My friend Dionne used to have something on her MySpace page about the Dump Truck theory, but it is now gone so I cannot pass it in whole along to you - but it was something like how people will just dump their crap on you if you allow them to. Well I'm not the local dump, take your garbage elsewhere.

I'm reminded of why I always hung with the guys - CAUSE THEY DON'T BEHAVE *THAT* WAY!

Sorry I just had to vent! Next time I will be a little more selective about the people I allow to be a part of my life. Backstabbing bitches are not welcome here!

So tell me, how do you select your friends and deal with BS like this when it occurs?


LoraLoo said...

I tend to shut down when the BS gets out of control. I don't respond hoping it will just.go.away!

Cattiness just kills me... such a waste of time! (one reason I, too, prefer the company of men more!)

Shannon said...

Oh man Ang...I totally know what you are talking about. My circle has grown smaller and smaller. Someone pisses me off, I pretty much write them off. Maybe that sounds really bad, but I don't have the energy anymore. Im tired of it. People who were good friends at one time...I rarely bother with anymore. It sounds bad, but Ive gotten to the point where you scorn me once, and you don't get a second chance. Its funny how you change as you get older!