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Replacement Doc Locked & Loaded

Here it is 10 and I feel as though I have already accomplished so much. I have filed a complaint with Ochsner, The Dept. of Health & Hospitals (in Baton Rouge) and the LA State Medical Board. I've also located and booked a consultation visit for the 13th with a new surgeon....and I can already tell that I will like HER. That's right, this surgeon is a female! While I love my plastic surgeon, I have known for years that when it comes to female body parts you should never trust a male physician! How can you expect a man to understand and sympathize with something THEY don't have!
Hopefully we'll be able to book a surgery soon, so I can get this taken care of and get started with some kind of treatment. I'll keep you posted!

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Debbie said...

So sorry to read about the insensitive and manipulative doctor. Good for your for standing up to him, and filing a complaint. I'm so glad you found a new doctor who will treat you as you deserve -- with respect. My thoughts are with you.