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The Night Before

Well here it is, the night before the big day. Things have just not went well the last few days!
Tuesday I had an MRI schedule so the surgeon could get a better idea of what to expect before she cut me open. Well after getting to the hospital, filling out the paperwork, and waiting forever, I find out that I can't have an MRI done as long as I have these expanders in my chest. You see these expanders hold a small piece of metal in them - that's how the doctor finds the spot in which he puts the needle for the saline injections. So with that plan shot, I called the doc to find out what's next. Her staff hauled ass to get me an appointment today for a CAT Scan of my chest.
So today I went back to the hospital for my appointment with Radiology. It took a bit to get things rolling, but I will have to say that they had this one person who just rocked the IV. It's the first time I can ever recall not having to be poked twice - and I handled it all without a shot of lidocaine! Plus I really have to say that having the IV and getting the contrast was a million times better than drinking that crap they usually shove down your throats! Once I got on the table it took no time at all. So after I finished up, I headed downstairs to get something to eat. When I was done and I was heading to the car to leave, I noticed that my cell phone was missing. I panicked bad! Radiology was closed, so I couldn't check there until a Security Guard came to open the doors. Well it was no where in there to be found. I ran back downstairs and found it under the table I ate at. Oh thank goodness! I checked and found I had a missed call from my surgeon's office, but it was past closing time. I called the emergency number, where they told me that she wasn't on call. I explained to them that I had no idea if I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow or not. Luckily they got a hold of her and called me back. She was able to get the results from the CAT Scan and scheduled surgery for 9:15 am. However I did not get a chance to go over the scan results, so I'm not sure if we will be able to stick with our original plan, but I'm sure I will get to talk with her tomorrow before surgery actually begins at 11:30.

Also I found some articles I wanted to share, but time is just getting away from me and as it is I will have to shower in the morning before going. There just isn't enough time in the day - that and I just have too many thoughts swimming in my head. Like I never told you that the week before last Ruben was rear-ended. Luckily his truck is alright, but man did the women ef up her car. And she slammed into him right in front of the cops! She was driving while on the phone, so what can you say. I also have pix I wanna share from Nat's special dress days at school. I also need to scan in her spring school picture. but it will have to wait till another day. I'm tired and ready to call it quits.

Oh and one more thing, did you see A.I.? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad David Cook won. ok well I will check back in after my surgery when I am feeling up to it, till then be good = )

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