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It's Offically Over

Here it is first thing in the morning and I'm already pissed off. I spent the night tossing and turning, thinking about my whole doctor dilemma. Here's this guy calling my plastic surgeon a liar, then he tries to tell me that I am wrong - but I know what Dr. J told me and if he hadn't spoken directly to this guy, I don't think he would have referred to him by his first name. So I tell him that this is what Dr. J and I discussed, and that was that he wanted things to be done in a specific way (not telling him how to do his job, just what his preference was for how much muscle to remove and that he would like to keep the expander intact UNLESS it was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to remove it.) Well the surgeon takes the offense, saying that I am being threatening (hell, he doesn't even know threatening - cause if I was being threatening I would have told him that IF he consults ONE more doctor about MY PRIVATE PERSONAL MEDICAL information (especially since I told him NOT to and he kept doing it), that I will sue him because he is infringing on MY HIPA RIGHTS! That is threatening!) All I did was relay a message. What my plastic surgeon and I discussed, what we would like to happen. I was told that I had a choice in this surgery. Well once I voiced MY CHOICE he changed his tune, saying that this is the way it is - I have to have the expander removed because he is taking all the muscle out and there would be nothing to hold it in when he is done. Well if he's removing ALL the muscle, please tell me WHY I would have to do DAILY radiation for 7 WEEKS! The point of radiation is to radiate a specific area and destroy any missed cancer cells. If I have no muscle, what is he going to radiate? My lung? He didn't like MY CHOICE, so he decided that he would only do it HIS WAY. Well this isn't his way or the highway. It's MY way or the highway. It's MY BODY, MY CHOICE. He works for me (well not anymore, but you get the point.)

I'm pissed off because he left me in a bad situation just because he didn't like my choice, well he should have told me in the beginning that there was only one way to do this. Instead he calls me this morning (at 8am when he was SUPPOSED to call LAST NIGHT!) - I inform him that my plastic surgeon has been trying to reach him all night. So he decides that we should cancel the surgery - then he starts accusing me of shit. That's when I pull the plug. He's been lying his ass off, calling people liars, now accusing me of stuff. What kind of doctor pulls this crap? Hell no. There is NO WAY I would ever consider going into surgery with you now - not even if you got on your knees and begged. I'm fixing to call Ochsner and file a complaint that he violated my HIPA rights, as well as the Doctor's Board which certifies him. Just because you believe you are the best doesn't mean you don't have to be humble. Learn some bed-side manners. He has no people skills whatsoever, so I wouldn't even recommend this guy to pick up dog crap in your backyard, let alone perform surgery on you!

If you live in the New Orleans area, I would strongly suggest staying away from Dr. Ralph Corsetti. Not unless you like being treated like shit. I feel for all the women he's pulled his little guilt trip on, forcing them into a surgery that is easy and convenient for him all while they had other options. But hey, if you like that kind of abuse, knock yourself out. You can reach him at this number if you like. 504-842-4070.

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