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Post Surgical School's Out Update

So here I am, 5 days post op. Things are well. My surgery went well. I woke up in recovery, my throat hurting cause they had to shove a tube down it during surgery. Going into it I had a stuffy nose and couldn't hardly breath. Damn allergies. Having a tube shoved down your throat is the worst! Aside from my throat hurting like hell, I found my neck hurt as well. It's pretty bad when you go into surgery for breast cancer and your neck where they ran tubing for the port-a-cath that's placed in my left upper chest, hurts more than the incision made in my right breast! I know that ultimately the port-a-cath will make things easier for chemo, but man is it uncomfortable and painful. I guess it's because they had to run the tube up my neck instead of using a vein in my chest, like they did last time. But at least my breast incision doesn't hurt, the surgeon didn't take more than what was necessary and she left the expander in place. But perhaps the best news yet was from the doctor herself. She called this afternoon wanting to let me know my pathology came back on the tissue she removed and the margin WERE CLEAR on it! Awesome, yeah? I go in to see her on Friday for a follow up, but so far things are good. I'm not sure, but I think she placed some kind of "markers" on my chest muscle for the radiation therapy. I'm not sure when I'll start treatment - hell I haven't even seen a radiation oncologist yet, but she's been in touch with my medical oncologist, plastic surgeon and some radiation oncologist that she's been referred to. I love that she is willing to communicate with ALL of my doctors. So anyway, the surgery was a success, we just got to hope the rest of the treatment is as well!

In other events, Sunday our neighbors held a block party for Memorial Day. All the kids swam, while the rest of us ate. Each person brought some item of food for the party. Since I wasn't feeling up to cooking, being just 3 days post op - Ruben made his specialty for everyone: Carne Asada. Needless to say it was a big hit. Although the neighbors who hosted the party couldn't believe how much we brought. They said to bring an appetizer, side or dessert and Ruben brought 17lbs of meat. After he told me how much he spent I thought my god does the Mexican store here rip you off! We would've never paid that much for it in Vegas! Shit do they make it out of Filet Mignon? Cause for flank or skirt steak, $6 a pound is a bit excessive! But in any case the party was awesome. We met lots of neighbors we didn't even know. I couldn't hang long, being so close to post-op, and I couldn't swim either - which is fine cause no one needs to see my fat boobless ass in a swim suit any way! When I left they had a pretty good game of pool volleyball going on. Natalie had a blast, and of course I have lots of pictures from the day posted on Flickr - I also have pictures from theme school days, though Natalie missed one (beach day cause she had a bad sunburn - she was on antibiotics and spent a bit too long in the sun) the other day I didn't get pictures cause I had surgery and missed taking them. There are also pictures from Ruben's car accident - some lady slammed into his truck on his way to work. It happened just before getting on the bridge, and right in front of cops. Stupid bitch was on the phone - but at least very little damage was done to his truck, unlike her car.

Other than that, not much else is going on here. Natalie is out of school for summer, today was her last day. Ruben's mom will be visiting mid-June. It will be nice to have her here for a visit, though I seriously wish it was my mom. God do I miss her. Hard to believe this July will be 2 years! I wish my sister could come out to visit - but it wouldn't be much fun now with me being sick and facing treatment. She deserves a good tour around New Orleans. Maybe one day soon!

So how do you like my new blog banner and title? Made it myself. Though I liked the other, I just found that since the cancer returned it just wasn't really fitting anymore. Maybe one day I will change it back when I get the "all clear."

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LoraLoo said...

I'm glad you're doing well!!

I sure love Ruben's carne asada.

Summer vacation is here already... Wow, time flies.