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Time For a Change.

1) new sub-title.

2) new profile photo.

Just wish I could figure out how Lora changed the comment part of her blog to read non-lurkers??? Hmm, if I wasn't so frustrated I'm sure I could easily figure it out, but there's a frog in the house I must catch and release.

Also, I will be adding some pictures to Flickr from a birthday party we went to this weekend. Natalie bowled for the first time in her life, had a blast, and scored quite well for her first time!

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LoraLoo said...

If you have the latest template upgrades from Blogger, when you go to your dashboard and edit the "Page Elements", you can make a bunch of changes. Click on edit in the "Blog Posts" section and you'll see all the options.

A hint - you'll know if you have the latest Blogger template if you actually see the "Page Elements" tab when you go to your template.