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Anyone out there with a Wacom Tablet (I just got the new Bamboo Fun one as an Christmas gift) please, please, please help!!!!

I want to make my own hand written signature, and a watermark stamp for all my photos - but I am struggling with finding out how to do this!

Holly McCaig once commented on her older blog that this is how she did hers:

  • I had someone ask me about my signature and watermark on my photos. It is my handwriting. I used my Wacom Tablet in Adobe Illustrator and wrote out my name the way I sign things (well, when I'm not in a hurry). I then brought it into Adobe Photoshop and turned it into a .jpeg for my blog signatures and then a brush to stamp on top of my photos for my watermark. Easy peasy!

No, not easy peasy! I've tried CS2 Illustrator, CS2, Photoshop Elements 5, plus the 2 other programs it came with - Nik Color Efex Pro & Corel Painter Essentials 3. I'm lost. I don't know what I'm doing and feel like such an idiot! Someone please help me!

I must now send Holly a message begging for her expertise.

I wanted this thing so much cause online it makes it look so cool and so fun and easy to use. Someone, I BEG of you to PLEASE, please, PLEASE help me figure this thing out. It virtually came with no instruction for how to use it - Besides, my new Canon PowerShot A720 IS compact camera arrived yesterday afternoon, and I have some reading to do, as well as playing! I wanted a small camera to carry around in my purse all the time, cause my Sony DSC-H5 is too big to lug around daily!

We'll catch up later. But if you do know how to use Wacom's Bamboo Fun or their other line of tablets, please leave a comment below - I think I may need some step by step help! Thanks!!

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