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Another day turns to dusk

Well for us Thanksgiving is over. We've ate, rested, put away the left-overs, and even did the dishes. Thanksgiving is done and we've survived. Not to mention the food wasn't just edible, but it came damn close to tasting like Mom's - which made me not just feel good, but feel like one hell of a cook!
After letting our food digest for a while, it came upon time for pie. I even mastered the whip cream. The only down-side - my pies were store bought. Ruben joked why didn't I make pie myself. I don't know how to make pumpkin pie! I almost hit the roof till he said he was joking. I said maybe next year I will make another dessert besides ambrosia salad. Geesh, let me master one thing at a time! Besides, I'm not into making pumpkin pie, maybe pumpkin cheesecake.... I have done that before, or there's this other cheesecake I like to make. It's not traditional cheesecake. I have the recipe for it upstairs, but I recall off the top of my head that you mix cream cheese with Dream Whip, and it makes this "fluffy" style cheesecake. Good stuff. He said he likes custard, which was my brother's favorite - but I don't know how to make custard pie. I'll have to ask my Mom's old friend, the neighbor who had helped me figure out stuffing and gravy, maybe she knows how to make custard pie. But like I said, maybe next year.
Ok well it's back to the couch for me. I took a short nap after eating and had very weird dreams, but this time instead of going there to nap, I want to go be ready for CSI when it comes on as I don't think there is any Grey's on tonight. Anyway, enjoy your evening, however you spend it. I have all my pictures now posted, so check them out when you can!

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