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It's been kind of a lonely, sad week for me. Ruben is out of town, my brother-in-law went home, so it's just me, Lexie & Natalie. It pretty much sucks! Don't get me wrong - Natalie and I have had some great mother/daughter time together, but I am Poke'd out! First, take into consideration the fact that I know NOTHING about Pokemon, add together the facts that I do not play any of the games, watch the cartoons, or really know any of the character names. That said, in the last few days I have learned more about Pokemon than I care to know!
Lexie is bringing me down, just because she's being the sad, pathetic pup she always is when one of us is gone. She is so mopey! Luckily, Ruben comes home Sunday. I'm ready for some adult inter-action/conversation. Ruben is on vacation next week for Thanksgiving, and Natalie is on break from school. I finally have everything all figured out for Thanksgiving. I got some help from my Mom's old neighbor from when she lived in Vegas. Thanks to her I can master gravy and stuffing now. I also got some help from my cousin who has a "recipe" for the way my Grandma made sweet potatoes - although Grams passed around my 3rd birthday. I bought everything I needed - aside from a 10lb young turkey, I also bought a small maple spiral-sliced ham. We'll have more food than we know what to do with, but that's okay. The important part is carrying on the tradition. I can't make it exactly like Mom's, but over time I will get better, and improve with age and time. Plus, over time, this will become our own tradition and will also become important "family time" together. It's something I definitely want to pass down to my daughter. I think I may even take pictures of it all and create a little Thanksgiving recipe scrapbook so she'll at least always have the recipes to go off of. Unlike my Mom's style of cooking. At least Mom gave me the most important piece of Thanksgiving tradition during our last Thanksgiving together - a Thanksgiving turkey platter that she had used for as long as I can remember. Thanksgiving always revolved around that platter.
Holidays are just cruising right by. I really need to finish up Christmas shopping, get a move on the cards so I can get them in the mail by the 1st, and figure out what to do for Nat's birthday. So much to do in so little time, especially since I will be having a surgery right in the middle of all this. Which reminds me : 1) family photo for Christmas cards - what to wear this year? 2) what do I want for Christmas? 3) what should I get Ruben?
Natalie is over here making her list for Santa....a good writing exercise, but of course it's Pokemon stuff. Big surprise there! Oh great, I feel a headache coming on now, I think it's due to Pokemon. Wonder if I can expect this for the rest of the holidays?

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