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Things are coming together

As you know I've confirmed my bi-lateral breast surgery; I am having a tissue expander placed in the right side, and having the left side removed (by choice) and having an implant put in it's place. It's not going to be fun, but I have to get this done. Worst yet, this is part 1 of a 3 stage process. After this proves successful, I will have 2 more surgeries to look forward to.
As for our child care dilemma, well that's taken care of too. My surgery was scheduled far enough in advance that Ruben's mom was able to take paid DTO to come out for a week. His little brother will also be coming out and staying for a month - which will greatly help out with Natalie. So here we are with a need to hurry up and at least make the downstairs presentable if not finished before July 23rd. We've bought some bookcases, and have mapped out how we plan to re-arrange the furniture. We still need to buy furniture for the guest room, and hopefully a new dining room set with a hutch. Although the ceiling downstairs needs to be repainted, I think it will probably wait till after (who has time to paint the entire downstairs ceiling, then possibly re-paint every room?)
Aside from that, we've gone ahead and found someone to replace/redo both the downstairs shower/bath and Natalie's shower/bath. We only have to replace the sink our self (easy enough, we've already bought the faucets and we have the know how) and replace the lighting (which we've already bought as well, and know how to do), oh and replace the downstairs toilet (we've already done Natalie's). But it will be 6 to 8 weeks before they are ready to start on that, so it won't be done in time for our guests. My upstairs bathroom is a different thing altogether. Since I have a separate jacuzzi tub, and we are wanting to re-do the little shower that is there, it is going to require a contractor who does custom stuff. The people we are using for our other bath's is New Bath and they only specialize in regular jobs. But for the price we are getting both of those baths redone at, we can hopefully afford a contractor to redo mine. Although extending the patio and getting concrete curbing is out, unless we want to slip into our equity fund, which I'd rather not do. I rather enjoy being (essentially) debt free. I just have to keep telling myself I can't have it all right now. Ruben also says that I should stop adding projects until we've finished the ones we've started. He says finish the inside first, then we'll do the outside. It's just that I need a concrete slab poured in order to buy him a shed and have in built, and if I am going to have concrete guys here I want them to do it all. So he's just gonna have to wait on his shed! Besides once we repaint and finish the bath's, we will be essentially done - I don't want to tackle the kitchen just yet. Besides I kinda like the way it looks, though it could use new counter tops. I just would like to add a little stain to some of the cabinets that have faded. I don't want to replace them - I'm not in the bath's, so why do it in the kitchen? I like the aged, antiqued look.
Speaking of fixing things, after nearly 3 years, I finally decided to give up my wedding ring set for 2 weeks so the jewelers could size it. I kinda figured after not wearing it at Disney, that if I could do that then I could send it in. Ruben was adamant that he did not want me to wear any jewelry in the park in case I lost something. Well he must have had a psychic moment cause when the trip was over I went to put on my diamond tennis bracelet and it had broke where the two links come together. Good thing I wasn't wearing it, that woulda been nearly $3000 down the drain! So since I had to send it in for repairs I figured why not send the ring too, problem is that the ring didn't quite come back the right size. I asked for 6.5 and it still feels loose, maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't want to lose a 3kt. ring set, especially since it means so much to me. Each ring has 5 diamonds on it, and it had been an early 5 yr. anniversary present - that and it is a reminder of our Vegas house, which we had just sold and made a large profit from.
So anyway, that is what's going on around here. Father's Day will be low key. Ruben got a new stereo and speakers for his Ram. We'll pretty much be going shopping - Home Depot and the grocery store, and sticking around here cleaning up and moving things around.
Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there. Have an awesome weekend!
Oh, I also have a new place to showcase all my soon to be made scrap pages. I finally did something with my Scrapbook.Com page, check it out - now if only I can finish my scrap room! That is one thing definitely on the to-do list for this weekend!

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