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Hurricane Season has officially began

Here we are 4 days into Hurricane season and we've already had 2 storms - Sub-tropical Depression Andrea, and Tropical Depression Barry. Luckily neither of those have come close to Louisiana, but in either case, it's not making for a good start. Right now there is a possible developing storm in the Caribbean, which will bring more showers our way at the very least. I myself am tired of the rain. It poured most of the day, and off and on all last week. While the drop in temperatures is nice, the rain itself makes it somewhat difficult to get things done outside - like cutting the ever growing grass and bushes! The federal outlook, announced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center, calls for a "very high likelihood" of an above-normal season, with between 13 and 17 named storms, of which 7 to 10 could be hurricanes. From 3 to 5 will be major hurricanes with Category 3 winds or greater. News like that just makes me oh so thrilled to be living here. I just started to really fall in love with where I live, then Hurricane season hits. Now I'm not so sure anymore. I kinda liked it better when I lived somewhere were I didn't have to worry about the weather and making sure that we have a emergency evac kit. I mean really, I hate watching the news, and now I have to just to stay on top of the weather. Ugh! But of course there is always this link here that will keep me up to date on the storms. You know with all this, it's really no wonder why I can't sleep at night! But for now it's at least time to go try, so I guess I'll post more tomorrow. I've been trying to clean up my scrap area as I've been inspired. I'll tell you all about it next time. Till then be safe and happy!

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LoraLoo said...

Easy for me to say way out here in the desert - but can you send some of that precipitation our way??? You know we haven't seen rain since... oh, I can't remember.

While you're getting some storms this summer (hopefully nothing more than rain) - think of the fires we'll be having. That should make you feel better. :)