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I've loaded hundreds more photos onto my Flickr account to share with y'all. Some pictures are old favorites, pictures of Disney I forgot about, and a new set containing those of my very messy scrap area. I figured that while I am inspired, and wanting to scrap I better take some before pictures so you can see the mess I had to sort through just to make a page. As you'll find, not only are things downright messy, but there are boxes that still need to be brought upstairs in order to be unpacked! It's going to take a lot of hard work and effort to organize this mess, and some of it will have to be done in order to just start a project as I don't even know where to find basic supplies like scissors and glue! Maybe y'all can give me a few ideas, cause while I'm usually an organized person (ask my ex co-workers) I'm not all that into color coding things. I sure wish Cynthia would come help! Anyway, once I've managed to clean up a bit I will be sure to post after pictures as well as whatever layouts I create.
In case you're wondering why the sudden urge to create, well check this out:

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