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Another entry made!

Ok, I'll be honest - I didn't just create this layout - But it is a favorite of mine. I'm trying hard to resist any urges to post any older layouts, as I want to take this opportunity to actually scrap. I'm working on a page, and have been for 2 days. I think tomorrow I will finally be able to start putting pieces of it together, and hopefully complete it. Once done, I will let you know where you can find it. But for now, the 2nd entry can be found here - again please give me your honest opinion, and vote or leave comments if you are a registered user of Scrapbooks.Com. Thanks again, I appreciate your support.
Yesterday while I was hard at work on my next big thing, my daughter said to me, "Mom, I'm glad you back to normal and scrapbooking again". It was an odd but funny comment to me. I hadn't realized I wasn't being "normal" already. I also had no clue that my scrapbooking affected her so greatly. So I'm going to have to make some kind of resolution, though I hate that term, that I will continuously scrapbook at least monthly, if not more often. And no, the area is still not organized. In fact I think it MAY be messier for having ransacked through items looking for stuff!

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LoraLoo said...

I have to be honest - I love all your pages - and there's no way I am crafty enough or patient enough to make beautiful things like this.

I do particularly like the colors you put together on this one, though. :)