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Back on the patch.

The last few days I haven't been feeling too well. As I said in a post below, I blew chunks pretty bad, and it really made me mad cause I had just eaten my Godiva chocolate covered strawberries a bit earlier that I had gotten for my birthday. When you pay $6 a strawberry, it's quite upsetting to end up throwing them up instead of enjoying them in your belly = ). Even though I had gotten sick, I don't think the berries had anything to do with it, as the night before I had been feeling sick to my stomach - and since then, I still have been feeling ill even though I haven't had the urge to purge. I've also noticed that I'm having major internal temperature control problems. One minute I'm freezing cold, the next I'm soaking wet from sweat. Ruben thinks maybe I have a bug again, but just in case it's not that and I'm experiencing hot flashes again, I've pulled out my old blood pressure patches and am now wearing one. I haven't had any hot flashes in about a year, and if I have, they have been VERY mild, whatever it is that I am having now I feel like I need to shower every hour, as I'm afraid I might stink from sweating so bad. Unfortunately due to my cancer, I cannot have hormone therapy to properly relieve my menopause symptoms, and will likely suffer off and on again for the rest of my life. I just hope that Ruben is right and it is a bug, however now that I have some fresh berries as yesterday was our anniversary, I am praying to keep them down this time!

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