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What a crappy day for a birthday!

Today my daughter turned 7. I can't believe it - actually I can't believe so far that either of us have lived this long. Today was all her call, so we spent the day at the movies. The weather was horrible out, my camera actually kept fogging up! It was overcast and raining, yet muggy and warm - UGH! So first we saw Night At The Museam. It was pretty good, had a good laugh, and not really scary or anything. Then we saw Eragon - gotta say this one really took some time to get into the whole story, and she was scared during quite a few scenes - it also appears there will be a sequel given the way they left off. So anyway, she got all hopped up on soda, popcorn, and M&M's. It's not like the theatre has the best food, so what do you expect? Afterwards we went home to find our 3rd airbed was flat and had to go buy a new one. Man I cannot wait to get my nice comfy cal king bed back! My back reallllllly misses it. So once home we had ice cream cake and let her have her gifts. She got a new Nintendo she has a Gamecube, a Gameboy SP, a Wii, and now a about spoiled, but I guess like mother like daughter?!? She also got lots of games for all 3 (she just got the Wii for xmas), and I bought her this really nice 14kt gold tiara crown Disney Princess ring. I'll post some pictures below.
Tomorrow we'll be going back to our house to resume painting. It's slowly progressing - I think because I painted parts of Natalie's room twice. We painted it all this Disney Princess pink, and it was sickening. Like looking at Pepto Bismol everywhere, so I got some Disney purple paint and did some off walls. Getting the wallpaper off has been some of the hardest work - in some places it is stuck on good, and others I peeled up with no steam or chemicals - but painting the rest of the rooms the rich brown I chose has proven to be difficult, as you want many coats to make sure it looks really good. So we have to hurry up and finish what we can this weekend cause on the 12th the carpet and tile goes in, then the fence goes up - that should shock the neighbors.....they all have open yards, why? I don't want to see my neighbor, we don't want to be grilling and have them walk up and be like hey neighbor. Anyway, looks like we won't be all in till almost the end of the month, it's still a month early from our lease, but hopefully they won't complain.
So here they are, enjoy the pix. Hope your weekend isn't as wet as ours is going to be!

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