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Oh how I hate them!

When I said crappy, I didn't mean LITERALLY!

Yesterday I ended up taking a visit to the local Emergency Room at Tulane. I have to say that hospital is quite dirty and slow as all hell! I'm guessing Tulane is like the "county" hospital. I would have much rather gone to Oscher across the street, but I didn't see them on our plan. In any case, I woke up yesterday feeling extremely ill, and in major pain! My right side hurt so bad, it felt like a broke hip or something - not to mention how much my stomach hurt. I thought that maybe I had the stomach flu, plus being out of pain meds put me in such a painful, uncomfortable state. So off we went to the ER, there wasn't really anyone there - but the wait took sooooooooo long. Once they FINALLY called me back, it was only the beginning of an even longer wait. First, when the doctor heard my symptoms, she said that since I haven't been on morphine for 5 days that my body was detoxing, and that detox resembles the flu - you feel like you've been hit by a truck (I had the chills and all too). But she also had concern that it might be acute appendicitis, because of the area that hurt. My blood test came back with really high White Blood Cells count - which I had higher counts when I went through chemo too, but this damn doctor kept pushing that it could still be appendicitis. So they made me drink 2 large 22 oz. cups of the nastiest tasting shit I've ever drank over a course of an hour, then wait another hour and do a CT Scan. They gave me a shot of what they said was morphine, but if it was it was not long acting, they also gave me phenergen, so I wouldn't throw up the crap they made me drink. After waiting another hour, they finally take me back to get my scan, then I have to wait another hour for the results - but this time, I'm back in pain and getting extremely agitated over the whole process. Needless to say, my appendix is fine. But if you know me, you know I don't take IV's well. It's hard when you've been reduced to only having one available arm and having HORRIBLE veins. The damn snooty ass nurse had to stick me 3 times just to get it in, and even then it still didn't flow right. I still don't even understand the purpose of the IV, because they didn't even have me finish the bag of sodium chloride, I used less than half. After being there for nearly 9 hours, and paying $100, I was finally released with a RX for a very mild pain med, so I still feel like I've been hit by a truck, and yes I still have the stomach bug. Which as it turns out really was/is a stomach bug, as my daughter showed the same signs shortly after arriving home. So here I am, all bruised with tape marks, still in major discomfort, unable to go out to our house to help paint today. Ruben went ahead and took Natalie and Lexie with him, and once there was surprised to find that our fence was already more than half up. I didn't even know they began working on it yet. I can't believe they are installing it in the rain! All I can say is I sure hope that our reimbursement check for selling and buying a house comes on Monday, because starting next week, I am going to owe a whole lotta money to the fence company ( NOLAFENCE.COM ) and to the carpet company. But more importantly, I just hope that I am feeling better before then! As you can see, they busted the vein in my wrist. Damn IV's, I HATE THEM!

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