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Hospital part 2

Yesterday I spent nearly 4 hours in the ER at Ochsner. I was surprised at how fast I was moved throughout the system. Upon arrival, I saw a triage nurse and was fast tracked into a room to see a doctor. Seems that late Tuesday night, while in the bathroom, I took a little spill and tripped over my own feet. Somehow, I managed to land on my knees and break my fall awkwardly with my left arm. While in too much pain to move, I just rolled over onto my back and spent t he better part of the night (until 4am) sleeping on the rug. When I woke up, I hurt so bad I barely managed to crawl upstairs. Over the last few days, the initial pain in my knees has decreased, while my arm and wrist has become more painful. I honestly didn't think it was broken, but Friday morning I found that I was in so much pain I couldn't even turn my wrist to do Natalie's hair. So I caught a ride into town with Ruben and had him drop me off at the ER. A few X-Rays later I had what the doctor claims to be the answer. He said it was not broken, however while having the X-Rays done, the technician told me she saw a small fracture in my wrist. He told me that was incorrect, what she was looking at on my films was most likely an old fracture that has healed - but I've never had a broken bone in my life. So in the end, I left there in extreme pain, but wearing the ever so stylish, expensive ($100 for the visit), classic, natural colored canvas arm sling. I'll be wearing this for a week while my severe sprain heals - if it doesn't, then I have to follow up with an Orthopedic doctor to find out what is wrong. It has been one hell of a week with having Bronchitis and now an arm in a sling!

On a side note, I got a call today from my brother in Vegas. Last week it was a letter from Social Security questioning his disability and threatening to cut him off. And this week he finds out that the state agency that is supposed to help make sure his bills get paid, stopped. This comes 3 days after his rent was due, in which they did not pay. Our question is, since he doesn't get his SS money and they do, and they didn't pay his rent, where is his money? Do you smell fraud, cause I think I do? I can't get a hold of my dad to find out what to do, but in any case one of us will have to FedEx out a check for $660 on Monday or he'll become homeless! Once again, I begged him to please give serious thought to leaving Las Vegas and coming to live with us in Louisiana. There's no one there in Vegas to help care for him. Both me, my dad, and my sister are too far away, and no one can count on our lousy good for nothing other brother to help - and he lives in Vegas but is too wrapped up in his own life to care about others. I hope I can talk him into moving. Ruben and I both worry about something terrible happening to him!

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