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"Disney Diet" is in effect

As I mentioned below, Monday marked 8 weeks left till we are at Disney enjoying our vacation. And while I was making note that it was time to really start cracking down on losing weight, working out, and building up my endurance for walking - I have secretly been cutting back on my caloric intake. I'm on a borderline starvation or anorexic diet, as I hardly ate much to begin with. But in the last 2 weeks, I have already lost an amazing 12 pounds, just by cutting back alone - by not eating those last 2 bites, or by only having 2 cookies, by drinking some water instead of opening a soda just to take my medicine. It's made a huge difference. At this rate I just may meet my goal prior to April 30th, as I've not only started with cutting back on food and drinks, but I'm back on Phentermine & Topamax, and today I started my beginning work out routine. Let's just hope the next 18 come off just as fast!

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