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Lingering Cold

Things around here are starting to heat up, at least during the days with the highs hitting the upper 70's. Nice weather to have the windows open and leave the fans on. However, last week we had a few chilly nights where old man winter blew down some rather cool air. All that cold air really did a number on my lung that WERE recovering from bronchitis - now I'm full blown sick again. Hopefully a few more days of these antibiotics will have me feeling a lot better. I tell ya though, I haven't coughed quite this bad as my smoking days. It very much sounds like a smokers hack. For the first 2 or 3 days I ran a fairly persistent 101.5 fever, now the fever just comes and goes. Being sick is very exhausting! I just hope that I don't pass this back to Natalie - whom originated the cold, another lovely aspect of school! But on the positive, Natalie has made some wonderful friends at school. One of which is Heather who lives on the cross street next to us. This whole weekend she was either busy playing or begging to go outside and play. Ruben took a few pictures of her riding around in Heather little motor-powered car. I'll try to get those and some other pictures posted soon. I took quite a few today of salamanders basking in the sun out back. It's funny, Natalie and I sat for about an hour today and just watched all these lizards on our house, grill, and patio. It was pretty relaxing. Now if only I could beat this cold!

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