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Well so far, at this point, all my diet efforts have stalled out at 12 pounds. It looks like I will have to make an appointment with a doctor to have my Thyroid checked out again (it's been years since I was last tested) as it may be the likely culprit. It wouldn't surprise me as both my Mom and Sister has had to take medication for theirs, but it somewhat worries me because to me it would add one more pill I would have to take for God knows how long. As it is, I go back next week to my pain doctor for my monthly exam and I think I am going to have to have him switch me from the Fentanyl patches back to the Morphine. Although it seems like we have finally found the right strength for my pain, I can't seem to get these damn patches to actually stay on for 3 days - even with the aid of a band-aid cover up. It seems no matter what, I am always finding them on the floor, on my sheets, or stuck to the inside of my clothing. So I end up going through patches faster, and not getting the needed medicine - but in either case, pill or patch, the medicine is just as damaging to the liver. Problem is I'm just in too much pain to live without a pain med. Not quite sure since when having (had) Breast Cancer felt like having Bone Cancer (?) We spent all last Saturday out shopping trying to get clothes for Disney, and at the end of the day, my feet (on top of soooooooo much more!) hurt so damn bad I have no idea how I will make it through 10 days at the park. Anyone have any good shoe suggestions? I was thinking about going to the Good Feet Store - I've never been, not sure if it's really worth it, or if there is a certain type of shoe I should buy, like maybe Birkenstock or something - I'd really love some ideas? I tried those gel shoe inserts, no help at all! I have major heal pain from spurs for one, I also have pain and a lump under one toe that I broke - then I have front leg pain (shin area), knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain (and on up the back through the neck and arms) all just from cancer or a side effect from the chemo pills I still take. Not sure really what is causing the pain, although I do know that my bone mass is also deteriorating, and without calcium, I can develop osteoporosis. I hate vitamins - two words, vitamin burps, yuck! But I don't want to be a hunched over old woman either, it's bad enough I already feel like an old woman, so I take them anyway, but I try to take them with food to avoid burping that awful taste back up. What's worse about vitamins, is those first couple pees. Vitamins really have a way of making urine smell potent. It's gross. Why can't adult vitamins be more like kiddie vitamins? Be flavorful and colorful....although it would be odd if my urine came our purple. Wonder what those spray vitamins are like, I have a friend that uses those. She can't stand to swallow the big vitamin pills, so maybe I should ask her if the spray have any weird tastes or effects. Hell I think at this point I would almost even be willing to do a vitamin injection on myself rather than taking another huge pill. Doing an injection is no huge deal after going through infertility, a needle in the belly fat or hip is no biggie. Much better than swallowing two huge ass pills that taste awful. I wonder if that's an option? I know they make b12 shots. I'll have to ask my doctor about that, cause seriously I could do it, and unlike Anna Nicole Smith, I wouldn't have a problem with using a sterilized needle and keeping the area clean and swabbed. I'll have to look into that. On a side note, it looks like I am finally over having Bronchitis, thank god. I was so tired of being sick. No more cough, no more fever, and it appears I didn't pass it back to anyone in the house either. It looks like we my have avoided a potentially serious disaster!

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