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8 weeks to go

Here it is, down to the wire. We've got 8 weeks to go before our trip to Disney, and I'd like to take off a few pounds, build up some endurance for walking, and try to overcome some of the pain and fatigue I face on a day to day basis. But where do I start? Let's see, let's go with losing a few pounds, it won't be easy, especially since I am hormonally challenged. It means I will have to work twice as hard. And as it is, I hardly eat. Yesterday the only thing I had to eat was a chilly-cheese dog, and a few sodas. I'm already down to eating the bare minimum. I know I need to cut half the soda out and replace it with water which will be almost impossible, and for this week, working out with my arm in a sling will also be impossible as well. But starting next week I can slowly start with a routine of 10, 20, 30 minutes and up of working out on my Elliptical Machine, Weight Machine and walking around the neighborhood. I have also started taking Phentermine and Topamax again, this is how I originally lost 90 lbs. in 2004 (and kept the majority off!). I doubt seriously if I will hit my goal weight in just 8 weeks with it, but I'm sure with it and exercise I will manage to lose enough to make my pants fit a little better. As far as pain and fatigue go, I don't know if there is much I can do about the pain part other than take my pain medication with me, and ask the doctor for two different type, one that is lighter for the daytime and one that is a heavyweight for the nighttime. I'm hoping that the little exercise I do get will help a lot with the fatigue. I hear it also helps with insomnia and sleep cycles - so we'll see. I just want this vacation to be very meaningful and lots of fun for all. Wow 8 weeks till check in for a nice 10 day long vacation with family, can't wait for the fun!

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