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It's Thursday!!!

Welcome to the BEST night on TV! Seriously! I'm very impatiently waiting for Grey's Anatomy to air. Tonight is the conclusion to this 3 part event. I can't wait to find out if Meredith is really dead, or if she is revived, and what subsequently happens to McDreamy and friends as a result. I just hope that whatever happens, I don't end up balling like last week. Seriously! Although a good cry would clear up my stuffy nose.
Natalie's been off school all week for Mardi Gras/Easter/Spring Break, and with her came a devastating cold that has hit us all pretty hard. My head hurts, my body aches, I can't breathe, and I've been hacking up what feels like a lung. You know it's bad when Nyquil doesn't even work! Hell Mucinex isn't even doing me any good! I'm miserably sick and it SUCKS! I at least hope that TV is good tonight!

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