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Cute Quirk or Total Dork?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan. I own both Season 1 and 2, and NEVER miss an episode! Anyone that watches the series, knows about last night's episode. Ruben and I watched it as the DVR recorded all my other Thursday night shows. While watching the show last night, my emotions got to me, and what I would like to think as my cute, quirky side took over. Or at least this is what I tried to convince Ruben of when he was laughing at me for my actions. As I was saying, last night's episode was pretty freaken emotional. I don't know what Shonda Rhimes was thinking when she wrote these 3 episodes, or really what the outcome is going to be until next week. But last night, knowing Meredith was in the water, thinking that she may die, seeing McDreamy carrying her out of the water and perform CPR on her, all just made me cry. And not just cry, but I mean really cry, sobbing and all. I cried most of the hour, and then continued to sob on Ruben's chest for about another half. At first he thought something serious was wrong, but then I told him it was TV, he started to laugh and poke fun at me. Then when he realized how serious it was, he just held me and told me to let it all out. He kept telling me over and over that she can't die, since it is HER show. It IS Grey's Anatomy, and SHE is Meredith Grey. But it wasn't just the thought of her impending or potential death that had gotten me so upset, it was HOW he saved her. Such an incredibly romantic gesture; jumping in the water, saving her from drowning and hypothermia, carrying her ashore. It was his look of helplessness and desperation as he sat there waiting as the others worked on reviving her. Yes I got caught up in all the drama, and emotion; how could I not? Mer & Derek are my absolute favorite couple of all time - even if their love isn't really real. Maybe it all hit a little too close to home, the hurt of losing someone you love - or - maybe I'm just a big sappy dork! For now all I can do is just hope and pray that everything turns out okay in next week's conclusion. Till then keep those fingers crossed!

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