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Things Don't Always go as Planned

My chemo class did not go well last week. In fact, because of so my chemo was cancelled. The doctor prescribed a 6 month regimen that I didn't agree with. 6 months is a bit strong considering that my cancer has essentially been removed. Since there's no evidence of it spreading I don't see why such a strict regimen would be needed. Even my original cancer only called for 4 sessions which lasted 2 months. Chemo won't prevent the cancer from returning, it just kills any rouge cells wondering my body - what will help is the adjuvant treatment that would follow, likely Tamoxifen. It would prevent my estrogen from binding with any dormant mutated cancer cells. So this really messed up my plans, and now I must search for a new doctor. I transferred to this doctor's office cause it was somewhat closer to home. I made it clear to him what my wishes were. I didn't even want to do chemo to begin with. I mean if there were medical evidence to support the need for such treatment, then I would happily allow it - but he's not provided me with such, so I will have to go get another opinion. If I had done the 6 month treatment, then I would be looking at probably a year before I could finish reconstruction and I honestly don't want to wait that long cause as it is my expanders are bugging the shit out of me cause they're so uncomfortable. So obviously the whole idea bothers me. I wanted to be finished as soon as possible so that I can also finish my reconstruction by summer at the very latest. So now I have to find a new doctor, but at least my Thanksgiving won't be ruined from chemo this week - right?

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Heather said...

Hey there! I'm hoping that you are able to find a new doctor soon. I am glad that you spoke up for yourself!