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Excuse my Abscence

After my Muga Scan on Monday - which was successful(!) we went to
Barnes & Noble so I could pick up a book for chemo. Well instead of
buying the series I intended to, I instead was drawn to buy Twilight.
Let me just say I am enthralled into this book! I read half between
last night and this morning. I've read so much that I had to go online
and buy the other 3 in the series so of have something to pass the
time during chemo. I'm so into it that I think I just might see the
movie once it opens.
Ok now back to my book.


Shannon said...

Tell me about it! We have had the book sitting here for weeks...borrowed from my 12 year old sister. Adam read it before I did, and I finally picked it up last Saturday. A week and a half later, Im about half way through the 3rd book. Im so into it. What a great story! I had to buy the 4th one on Sunday just so I had it on hand when Im done with the 3rd one. We are going to see the movie, but we are going to wait until we are in Miami when we can go to a theatre that doesnt allow teenagers. That movie is gonna be overrun with them otherwise! Let me know what you think when you are all done.

Angi said...

Wow a theater without kids? That sounds awesome.
If I'm feeling up to it next week after chemo I may go see it during the afternoon. I hope the film doesn't stray too much from the book!

Heather said...

Yum! Another person on the Twilight train! I LOVED the first book. I've got the 2nd one on hold from the library, but it's taking forever!