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Scrapbooking Finds From Sam's

Went to Sam's Club this weekend while we were out doing Christmas
shopping. Luckily for us we have this awesome neighbor who kept
Natalie all weekend for us. Natalie was having a sleep over with
Arlene's kid - which was great on so many levels - Natalie had fun all
weekend and played great with her friend - and we practically
completed our Christmas shopping, other than a few minor items.
So anyway, we stopped by Sam's to stock up on some items and I found
the scrap tote goody bag, a lot of my favorite pens that I swear I
could buy by the caseload and I stocked up on printer ink since
printing all of those Halloween block party invites used up my brand
new cartridges. I know I didn't actually "need" the scrap tote, but it
was too cute to pass up. Plus it's filled with lots of goodies as well
as a 12 x 12 album. I can't wait to bust it open, but it looks like
this will be another busy week with doctors.
I'll explain more later as today I met with my oncologist. :(

1 comment:

Heather said...

Really sweet find! I'm wondering if they have it at the Sam's near me. Hmmm... Road trip! LOL