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My Car Has a Boo-Boo

I was leaving the hospital today after a failed attempt at a Muga
Scan. For some unknown reason the nuclear meds didn't mix and now I
have 4 nice bruises on my hand/arm. So now I have to try again on
Monday. Fun. More bruises.
So I'm heading home and the road is a bit slick from a sprinkling of
rain. I stomped on the brakes yet I still slid into the Ford F150 in
front of me. I hardly damaged his truck...just bruised his number a
bit. However his trailer hitch punctured and cracked my bumper. Aside
from being cracked the one floodlight no longer works and the brackets
holding it in place musta broke cause it's hanging a good couple
inches. So now I gotta get my car looked at so my bumper can be
replaced. Plus I got a citation and now I'll have to go to court in
January and will have a nice little fine to pay. Not to mention the
uncertainty of what will happen with the guy I hit. Though he did say
this was his 3rd accident this year - so his bumper may have already
been dented and I worry if he or his passengers will claim back
problems - though the impact surely did not help my knee any. I hit
the brakes hard I guess so the impact jolted my knee.
What a way to end my not-so-perfect week. Yeah one more thing to not
be happy about. I just hope this guy doesn't try to sue me or something!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Oh man! That totally stinks! Was he acting like he was hurt or anything? It doesn't look like it was a really bad wreck so hopefully he won't try to sue. I hope your next scan goes better. I'm sorry you've been having such a bad time. =0(