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Every Mother's WORST Nightmare!

Last night my daughter came in about 5 minutes late (5:35), crying hysterically. When I asked why she was so upset, she said to me that some man asked her if he could give her a ride home, though she was less than a block away - and when she said no thanks, he told her to come here, which prompted her to run to her friends house. No one was home at the friend's house, so she just hung out till she saw that he sped off. Scared she went to the other neighbor's house and asked if she could be walked home - though their house is just across the street from ours, but she was in the middle of cooking dinner and told her she couldn't. Natalie didn't let her know what had happened cause she has entered into this "privacy stage" where she is holding back from telling certain people stuff. I called over to talk with the neighbor as she knows pretty much all the neighbors and what they drive - and from Natalie's description it did not sound like any one I knew....especially since everyone around here knows her by name, and this guy did not. So, I did what my neighbor suggested and called the sheriff's office, who sent by several units. Natalie went over all the details with a detective from the juvenile investigative division. I was very shocked to hear all the details Natalie recalled. We live in a very safe neighborhood - other than a few tween punks who shot out some windows with a BB gun, or spray painted some signs, we've been fortunate to not have anything bad happen to anyone around here....and from what Natalie told the officer, it doesn't sound like this man will be back.

This is what Natalie remembers of the man asking to give her a ride.....

He drove a red SUV, newish with chrome bumpers - the rear one had a dent. There were no step railings or running boards, but it did have big chrome rims. The top of the SUV had a luggage carrier with some sort of luggage case on it. One of the windows on the driver side near the rear was cracked. The back had 2 bumper stickers/magnets on it - a heart with an arrow and a Saint's Fluer de Lis. She didn't get the license plate number, but it was a LA plate cause she said there was a pelican on it.

The man was in his 30's, had a goatee that was bushy at the bottom. He was darker than her (so Hispanic or Black). He had light colored eyes, and a couple gold teeth. No earrings or watch, but he did have a gold necklace with a cross and a gold pinkie ring. He had on a black hat with a blue cross like symbol on it on top. He was also wearing a black shirt resembling a polo.
From the rear view mirror hung a set of dice that were green and white. He was drinking from a Coor's Light bottle. He had a cooler packed, as well as several suitcases stacked in the backseat.

If you ask me that's a whole lot of details, but that's just her nature - she's very curious and nosey! I can honestly say that from his description he does not live anywhere back here. We live in a very nice golf community. He also sounded like he was all packed up and ready for a road trip. Thankfully Natalie knew better than to ever get in a car with someone we don't know. If it wasn't for that, god only knows where she'd be today! Keep your fingers crossed that somehow they find this guy before he tries to pick up another child!


Three Bright Lights Designs said...

Ohmygosh, Wow. Good job as parent, Angi, Natalie and you both did a great job dealing with this! Hope they find him so your daughter can relax!

Heather said...

OH my goodness that is so scary! Thank God she didn't get in the car with him. I hope they find him ASAP! Before he hurts another kid. There are some real sickos out there.

blushpea said...

How scary is that, Angi. I'm glad your daughter's all right. Hope this creep gets caught. Hugs to you.