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Some Good News......

Natalie was chosen to be interviewed for some special art program at
school. She had to turn in 3 detailed drawings last week which
apparently they liked. So she'll meet with someone from the program
and will be given some more assignments to do to determine if she gets

Then in other news - last night Ruben and Natalie went to the Lakers
Hornets game but through accidental directions they ended up outside
and unable to get back into the game when after the first quarter
Natalie decided she was hungry. The whole thing upsetted Natalie cause
they missed the game - and also cause some cop threatened to get
physical with Ruben. So I called the Hornets office today and spoke
with someone about the incident. I kept my cool about the whole thing
but I let him know how upset I was. Well my complaint scored them
replacement tickets. So Natalie was really happy today.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Heather said...

That is really good news about Natalie and the art program. You should upload some of her drawings so we can see them.

Yeah the security is really strict at the Hornets games. Overly so it seems sometimes. Ronnie and Alexis go a whole lot. I was invited to go with Ronnie next Wednesday I think. It was on a weekday. Going on weekdays is hard. I don't think I'm going to do it.