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Viva La Mexico

Sorry, I haven't been posting much about our daily life's - I'm still waiting to see a (new) doctor and get some news. But in any case I'm sure that some people are wondering how everything is going. I'm still hanging in there, got lots of doctor appointments lined up for the next 2 weeks - some 2 a day! To make matters worse with scheduling, cause someone needs to be here for Natalie, Ruben is being sent to Mexico City for work for like 4 days. He leaves the weekend before I start a 2 hour Stampin' Up class that runs once weekly, for 3 weeks. It's bad enough that with the (sometimes) double appointments, I won't be home in time to meet Natalie's bus. Luckily, our neighbor Nina is working out of her home and will be there when the kids (her son goes to the same school) get home, and Arlene (another neighbor) has 2 older kids who can babysit - and both have been so supportive and helpful. I'm not sure what I'd do without them, without them I'm really not sure how it would all work out - I probably would have had to drop out of my class.

Natalie came home from school this week with April's school newsletter in which she was on the cover for raising the 2nd highest amount for their diabetes fundraiser. I recall the day a couple weeks back when she came home from school excited about getting the medal, but I never got around to posting a picture - so here it is below.

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