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Scrapbook Party! Doctors, Taxes & Travel!

Sometimes having a hubby that's a manager at a slot manufacturer & is friends with many people in both sales and casino service has it's benefits. Technically I shouldn't have this glass - the only reason I do is because it has a small fracture in it and the glass was going to be trashed - but a lil gorilla glue and it's as good as new and will soon be hanging in my scrap studio. The hubby sure knows how to please me = )

I was quite surprised when he brought this home last night. Yeah it's been almost 4 years since I quit the casino business - and since living outside of Nevada, I can't even recall the last time I entered a casino. Down here things are a bit different, our gas stations don't have video poker machines sitting in them....and now all our quarters and dollars actually make it into a coke piggy bank for saving. So when I saw this I had no idea that such a thing existed. Who knew the worlds of scrapbooking and gaming would collide?

So tomorrow I meet with another oncologist, and this time I hope to get some real answers! I've been reading up and have found 4 published cases that state current tissue expanders do not have to be removed as long as you don't add any saline to them during the course of radiation as doing so would throw the aim off. I honestly have no problem with removing them IF I have to, but first you have to give me a valid medical reason why and not a I don't know.
Then following that appointment I meet with my pain doctor. I want to go over the prospect of degenerative bone disorder (if this isn't metastatic) and find out what this means for me. I mean am I going to end up in a wheelchair by age 35?

I'll try to stop in afterwards and fill ya in, but Saturday we have taxes to do. I know, we are horrible procrastinators - but tax season scares the shit out of me. Especially when the hubby has an overly inflated income for 2007 because some of it includes our moving package. See it wouldn't be so bad if we actually GOT that money, but since it went for things like rent, paying the moving company & paying part of the commission for our Real Estate Agent - it really sucks ass that we get hit hard by both local & federal taxes for something we didn't actually get. I so hope we don't owe this year. Last year we got lucky by like $600. I am so hoping for the stimulus, but something tells me that the government is going to be fooled into thinking we earned too much for it. I wonder if I can write off my homeowners premium, which was like $4500 last year? That might help. I'll have to check into that and see if it can be itemized!

Oh and as if taxes weren't bad enough, Ruben leaves Sunday for Mexico City for like 3 or 4 days. He had to go downtown and pay to get a rushed passport, like $300. Rumors are swirling all over work, even all the way back to the Vegas office that he is up for various positions. Ha! I'm not moving again, or at least not yet unless they give use something that neither of us can pass up. I love my house here! Probably just some people with nothing better to talk about, stirring the pot. Never believe what you hear unless it comes directly from the source!

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