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A Bevy of Emotions

Today has just been a day of emotional ups and downs!

First things this morning after Natalie left for school I walk into her room to get her bedding to wash and found a complete pig-sty. I'm telling you, some of it was really disgusting. I was so furious - I swore she'd have a sore butt when she got home! I spent most of the day cleaning her room, throwing out tons of junk paper she's collected, as well as a a collection of chewed bubble gum {GROSS} that she had been saving on a Godiva box lid! I'm telling you it was bad - but by time she got home from school I had completely cooled off and instead punished her by making her do her own dirty work.

The reason I had calmed down by time she got home was because mid-afternoon I took a break, checked my mail and found that another website wants to hire me to blog. Yay! Gotta love getting paid for doing what you love - besides it's extra money to buy scrap supplies with = ) More details soon!

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